Get Involved

Our programs are produced by indie television makers and television volunteers within the community. By doing this, we give community members with interests in television the opportunity to start their media and television career. Anyone who is interested in volunteering will find the information they need and can even get to make their shows.

At Channel 31, programs are produced through a network of committed volunteers, and we always encourage community members to volunteer with us and take advantage of the opportunity to earn their first badges in television production. There are various volunteering roles available, and you just have to possess the skills for the position in question to apply. We also have posts that do not require exceptional skills which a volunteer can do for work experience. Other parts that need skills include

Youth Music Show Host

The job of the volunteer in this role is to research music and everything there is to know about it and present this information in the most engaging manner in a one-hour music-show. The volunteer is expected to be a youth with an in-depth understanding of the music industry and with the right energy and enthusiasm.


This is one of the essential volunteering roles. The editor must be skilled and would be handling the editing of an upbeat and funky lifestyle and educational multimedia show. A video editor who has a basic understanding of FINAL CUT (Express or Pro), ADOBE PREMIERE (Elements or Pro) or another software for video editing apart from iMovie or Windows Movie Maker can also volunteer.

Camera Person/ Sound Levels

The volunteer for this role must be experienced enough with the camera and sound to work with a director and production team on short documentary production. It also helps if the person is well versed in sound levelling and camera setup and is imaginative.

Motion Graphics Artists

The volunteer must be an expert in After Effects and capable of handling broadcast design and motion graphic projects. For this role, the volunteer must be proficient in Photoshop, Illustrators, and After Effects. It also helps if the volunteer has an eye for design and formal training in art. Experience in Lightwave, 3DStudio Max, and Maya and Cinema 4D will also be an advantage, but it is not necessary.

Production Assistant

This role is a multi-functional one that covers lighting design, camera operating, audio mixing, and any other duties necessary for the success of a production. These could include preparing the production, assistance during production, and post-production tasks, etc.

Camera Operators

Volunteers for this role will be operating the camera in live-action and previous experience of shooting live-action like sport is necessary.


Volunteering is the perfect way to launch your television career and learn all the basics.