Narrate and Share Your Experience

A podcast is a spoken-word audio file usually in the form of episodes and available for download. It usually has one or more hosts who appear to discuss issues such as a current event or specific topic. The content and discussion of a podcast may vary. While some are scripted, some are purely spontaneous, and there are those that are in between. The topics of podcasts vary depending on the person doing the podcast and could thematic concerns ranging from personal recollections to scientific research with artistic and elaborate sound production.

There are diverse reasons for creating podcasts and what motivates people differently. Some do it for passion, to improve their professional visibility, gain access to a network of influencers, to present ideological or pedagogical ideas or to build a community of like-minded people as viewers.

Since podcasts are mostly free, and even when it is not, it is affordable for the consumer, it is classified as a disruptive medium which affects the maintenance of conventional revenue models.

Although the original podcast format was the audio in an episodic format, there are now several variants such as

Podcast Novel

It is also called podcast audiobook or serialised audiobook, and it merges the concept of audiobook and that of podcasts. The podcast novel is similar to the traditional novel in the fact it is also a fictional work. But instead of appearing in written words, it is recorded in episodes which are uploaded online. Such upload may be automatic or through another method, and it is based on schedule or irregularly. It is easy to add sound effects to such novels and even give each character their own voice or use a single narrator. Most podcast novelists do it for free and to create an audience which they can later leverage to get a publishing deal.

Video Podcasts

This is a podcast that includes video content. This is the format that most web television series use for distribution and it is believed that Dark End Days which was released on 31 October 2003 is the first video podcast.

Live Podcasts

This is recorded with a live audience, and it might be specific parts or episodes or the whole thing that is recorded in this manner.

You too can make your own podcast and get it broadcast on the local television station. All you need is to make sure your podcast is on a relevant issue, and you comply with our guidelines, and you can air it on TV.