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Television Shows Available

We have hundreds of shows that cover various issues and give viewers the opportunity to find what is most suitable for them. Shows are in various genres which include Arts, Comedy, Children, Cultural, Community Issues, Music, News, Sport, Personal Development, Youth, Variety, and lots more. With the available options, it is not only viewers that have the freedom when it comes to picking what they watch, but volunteers can also choose what they produce or participate in. Shows in each Genre include


Shows here fall into different categories, such as Adults, interviews, movies, cultural, and short films.


This show presents a picture of the arts and cultures of Melbourne by looking across various art forms. It covers Architecture, Animation, Community Arts, Craft, Dance, Drama, Design, Film, Fashion, Graphic design, Food, Screen media, Product design, Music, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Publishing, Performance, Video, Technology, etc.

The Shtick

This program is a showcase of improvised and spontaneous Jewish entertainment. It is a weekly program that focuses on Jewish life covering areas such as music, art, humour, politics, culture, religion, food, sport, education, etc.

The Bazura Project

This is a three-hour program that focuses on films, cinemas, movies, and more. There are feature stories, news, reviews and interviews.


Shows here fall into categories such as children fiction, animations, comedy, music, educational, etc.

Penguin TV

This is a show for children between 1 and 8 which features animated penguins, jumping jellybeans, Prof Pete, and the word wizard. Its purpose is to educate and entertain young people.

Minnie Monkey

This show is designed to teach children about personal safety by the character, a monkey that sings about safety and health and also explains things to children using toys.


Shows here fall into categories such as adult, comedy-drama, game shows, sketch comedies, screwball, etc.

Our Melbourne

This show examines the city and the simple and strange people living in it. It is a comedy show that celebrates people who make this city great and the stories are different every week.

The Shambles

It is a locally made comedy skit show that is hilarious with its mockumentaries, side-splitting skits and lots more. You will be holding your sides in laughter by the time you are done with an episode.


Shows here are in different categories such as blokes, action and adventure, cars and driving, fishing, cycling, water sport, football, lifestyle and health, leisure, motorsport, recreation, motorcycle, learning and living.

River to reef

This is a show where you learn everything about fishing, tow trailers and vehicles, and boating. You also learn how to cook when on the run, and you will all you need to know about water safety.

In Pit Lane

This is a legendary motorsport show that also has its podcast where you can get all the basic updates that you may need.