Got Footage?

Submit your footage for Channel 31 programs

Did you record video footage of a piece of information or news, well you can submit it to get it published? We accept video footage that is relevant to a piece of news or program at hand, and you will get the chance to see your work on television with little effort on your part. There are guidelines for submitting footage.

Footage refers to the raw and unedited material filmed or recorded with a camera and which requires editing before it can be added to a motion picture or television. The footage is typical of two types. There is film footage which is from film productions and even in some cases sold as second unit material if it doesn’t make the final cut. On the other hand, there is television footage which is most commonly seen in news footage and can be worth a very high price in many instances.

Apart from these, there are many other types of footage such as the stock footage which is a video or film footage that the filmmaker can use for any mobile which means the filmmaker will not have to reshoot such scenes. Many of these footages are available for free on the internet. The other type of footage which is the one we are actually interested in is amateur video footage. In an age where many are using smartphones capable of recording high-quality votes, amateur footage is everywhere. For most people, it is a hobby that is for enjoyment and passion instead of money. It is not only smartphones that are used for this purpose, and other devices such as CCTV and camcorders also record footage.

At Channel, we have specific programs that could make use of this footage, and this is why we encourage people to send their footage to us. Programs that could make use of the footages include

Local Knowledge

This program is an avenue for local documentary makers to get footage featured on Channel 31. The program is the home for locally made documentaries and short series, and it is watched by thousands of people each week. Local Knowledge is an excellent opportunity to have your work broadcast to audiences across Victoria.  Local Knowledge features documentaries on many diverse topics, including the history of trams in Melbourne, a history of Sydney Road, Richmond 100 Years, and even local ghost stories.

Bite Size

No matter the size of your footage, you can send it to Bite Size. This show is for five minutes’ programs, and you can send your short footage to the program to get it aired. It accepts all kinds of programs from magic tricks to comedy sketches, animation, tarot readings, and others. It is the perfect platform to test your video recording skills and ideas.