Getting to know Us

Channel 31 is a Melbourne Community Television Consortium – We are a non-profit community television services offering locally-based information, entertainment, and education to the members of the community.  We provide diverse communities and groups in Victoria with representation and access. Located at Mount Dandenong from where we transmit, Channel 31 signals reach homes in Geelong, Melbourne, and other surrounding communities.

Channel 31 broadcast more than 90 locally-made programs weekly. All these programs usually feature issues, voices, and faces that are not represented in mainstream television. Some of our programs include Sri Lanka Morning Show, Deaf TV, Class TV and Rodder’s Life.

As a community television consortium that is incorporated as a community organisation, any member of the community can join.

There are several groups within Channel 31, and these member groups represent different cultural, diverse interests, or geographical sections of the community. You can even get your community group to join Channel 31 as a member group.


Channel 31 is funded air time sales, sponsorship sales, and donations that are tax-deductible. You too can donate to the operations of the organisation. The donation process is quite simple.

Community Television in Australia

In Australia, Community televisions are prevalent, and you will find these stations in different parts of the country, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Mt Gambier and Lismore. There are more than 3.8 million Australians who watch community television, and this goes to show its popularity among the people.

Understanding Community TV

Community television is a non-profit television service that caters exclusively to the needs of the community which allows it to provide services specifically for diverse and local communities. They give these communities the representation that they do not get from profit-oriented television stations. Community television provides their viewers with news, issues, and programs that government-funded and commercial television stations usually ignore.

There are seven community television stations in Australia, and while these stations are run cooperatively and even share content on some cases, each community television station is an organisation that operates independently separate from the other and with an individual community broadcasting licences.

Why Choose Us

Variety in Content

Channel 31 provides hundreds of content cutting across every genre that can be broadcast. We deliver as many as 90 new programs every week, and this is possible due to an army of volunteer television producers who are looking to present something new to the audience. Watching our station is saying no to boredom because our programs are designed to be entertaining and informative.

Representation for Diverse Issues and Groups

Unlike profit-oriented stations that have to watch the bottom and therefore focus on programs that will generate money for them, our programs are tailored to represent what the community wants. We give access and representation to all groups and on various issues.