The Melbourne Community
Television Consortium

Welcome to Channel 31

We are the Melbourne Community Television Consortium – a non-profit community television services that provide locally-based information, entertainment, and education.  We provide diverse communities and groups in Victoria with representation and access. Located at Mount Dandenong from where we transmit, Channel 31 signals reach homes in Geelong, Melbourne, and other surrounding communities.

At Channel 31, we broadcast more than 90 locally-made programs weekly. In our programs, you will find issues, voices, and faces that are not represented in mainstream television in abundance. Some of such programs include Sri Lanka Morning Show, Deaf TV, Class TV and Rodder’s Life. The community television consortium is an incorporated community organisation which means that anyone can join as a member and there are groups within the organisation that members can join.


Indie television makers and television volunteers produce our programs within the community. By doing this, we give community members with interests in television the opportunity to start their media and television career. Anyone who is interested in volunteering will find the information they need and can even get to make their own shows.

Our Partners

Our Shows

We have hundreds of shows that cover various issues and give viewers the opportunity to find what is most suitable for them. Shows are in various genres which include Arts, Comedy, Children, Cultural, Community Issues, Music, News, Sport, Personal Development, Youth, Variety, and lots more. With the available options, it is not only viewers that have the freedom when it comes to picking what they watch, but volunteers can also choose what they produce or participate in.


You too can make your own podcast and get it broadcast on the local television station. All you need is to make sure your podcast is on a relevant issue, and you comply with our guidelines, and you can air it on TV.

Production Tips

Do you want to become a television producer? Well, we have production tips to guide you in your pursuit. This guide covers various aspects of production from the composition to the sound, story, lighting, documentary and lots more. It is all a simple process once you understand the rudiments.

Pitching your Idea

Do you have any television ideas that you would like to pitch to us? There is a standard format for pitching ideas, and once you follow it, you are good to go. We expect that any program that you want to pitch to us should be in writing.

Got Footage?

Did you record video footage of a piece of information or news, well you can submit it to get it published? We accept video footage that is relevant to the news or program at hand, and you will get the chance to see your work on television with little effort on your part. There are guidelines for submitting footage.